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2017 National Conference Papers

IMA 2017 Conference Contact List
IMA 2017 Session 1 Alan Harries - The Changing Industry Landscape
IMA 2017 Session 2 Ben Fewtrell - Maximising Your Exit Strategy
IMA 2017 Session 4 Gary Moore - Technology Tools
IMA 2017 Session 5 Trent Goodall - Keeping You Online
IMA 2017 Session 6 Panel - Unnecessarily Tense
IMA 2017 Session 7a Shane Sankey - FOI Requests - What is Possible and What Alternatives Exist?
IMA 2017 Session 8 Trudy MacDonald - Building a High Performing Workforce
IMA 2017 Session 10 Shane Sankey - Revisiting Court Orders
IMA 2017 Session 11 Lyall Mercer - Handling the Media vs Being Handled by the Media!
IMA 2017 Session 12 Panel - BPG Process Serving

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